"Sarees tailored to your measurements always radiate an appealing charm, ensuring a perfect fit and a polished look."


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Some trending patterns for 2024

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1. Raajlakshami

2. Peshwai

3. Marathmoli

4. Shahi Mastani

5. Mastani

6. Brahamani

7. Kashta

8. Lavani

9. Kolhapuri

10. Shahi Brahmani

* There are more customizations within patterns

Suryakant Bhosale
Suryakant Bhosale
I m So happy. I just love. This pattern. She made my Wife day. In One day she stich. Thank you.😊
Kavita Bhosale
Kavita Bhosale
I am very happy that you have stitched my Navuwari exactly as I show the picture and as per the measurements given to you. Fitting of saree is perfect and finishing is good.
Nilam Saundane
Nilam Saundane
We lives in jalgao, the shop was suggested me my friend in mumbai and I got the best tailor for my nauvari saree.Saree was too perfect and unique from other, All was asking for tailor. Thanks to kalpana ji to consult and support, she made my day on festival. It was totally worth.
Monika Kumbhar
Monika Kumbhar
Thank you 😊😊. Your work is very good and awesome 😊😊
Dnyaneshwar Sonawane
Dnyaneshwar Sonawane
We stitch 2 nauvari sarees again and feeling satisfied. With quality fitting they provides good support. Contact Mrs.kalapana ji (owner) she give wide cunsultation with assuring. Should try once, highly recommended for nauvari saree stitching.
Harshal More
Harshal More
Professional ladies tailor for nauvari saree. Best shop for nauvari saree stitching. She is specialist tailor for nauvari with lowest and cheapest price range, top notch finishing within navi mumbai, Thane area. Easy from airoli railway station.

We stitch what you expect

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  1. Mastani
  2. Shahi Mastani
  3. Marathmoli
  4. Brahmani
  5. Raj-Lakshmi
  6. Peshwai
  7. Shahi Brahmani
  8. Koli
  9. Lavani ….

(there might same pattern pronounced differently which depends on geo-factor, but mentioned patterns we stitched commonly because of their popularity.)

Remember, readymade Nauvari sarees are designed to be easier to wear

  1. ensure plates at frontside and wear like pant
  2. tight and fixed with nada on weist
  3. adjust pallu

( looks/fitting matters. stitched saree comes with the eye-catchy look but ensure tailors reviews before stitching. )

A traditional Maharashtrian saree worn by ladies in the Indian state of Maharashtra is called a Nauvari saree, also known as the Lugade saree. The phrase “nauvari” means “nine yards,” referring to the saree’s length. The Nauvari saree’s distinctive drape distinguishes it from other sarees. The Nauvari saree is wrapped around the legs and tied in a knot at the rear, as opposed to a conventional saree, which is draped around the waist and the pallu (the loose end) is tossed over the shoulder. The pallu is then worn over the shoulder and the remaining fabric is draped across the torso.