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A Stitched Showcase

All sarees in pictures are stitched by Bittu Nauvari. As we are working from many years its fine easy to meet customer demand with neat and clean fitting. you can notice Lines of plates with perfect shape.

Some Nauvari Saree looks for bride & small girls : -

a traditional Maharashtrian ensemble, exudes timeless elegance and cultural grace. With its unique draping style and intricate detailing, it transforms women into symbols of both tradition and modernity. The ensemble's rich history and vibrant colors beautifully encapsulate the spirit of celebration and femininity, making it a stunning choice for occasions that demand a touch of tradition and a dash of splendor.

You can stich saree for any age. We are stitched saree for 2 year old baby girl as their parents wants to see her in traditional. Even Nauvari Saree can be stitched for Gauri in Ganapati festival as well as lot of Demands comes during School programs, any cultural programs or any festivals.

  1. Peshwai Nauvari Saree
  2. Marathmoli Nauvari Saree 
  3. Brahmani Nauvari Saree 
  4. Koli Nauvari Saree 
  5. .Mastani Nauvari Saree
  6. Shahi mastani Nauvari Saree 
  7. Lavani Nauvari Saree
  8. Raajlakshami Nauvari Saree 
  9. Kashta Nauvari Saree and others